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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive food from FISH Hospitality Pantries? 

Anyone who visits our four pantries​, no registration or means test required. 

How much of my donation is spent on overhead versus feeding people?

Ninety-four percent of donations is spent on providing food to our guests. Only six percent goes to overhead and other operations. We manage FISH Pantries so that your contributions have the greatest impact on our community. Click here to donate funds to FISH.

How do I donate to FISH?

Donate money online or by check. Just $50 feeds a family of four for a month. To have the greatest impact, make a recurring donation. Click here to contribute.


You may also send a Special Occasion Card to honor a family member or friend on a birthday, anniversary, or Just Because. Click here to send a card. Choose to send multiple cards to multiple people for the greatest impact.


How do I volunteer for FISH Pantries?

FISH prides itself on being operated by volunteers. To donate your time and talent, please click here to contact us. 

What kind of organization is FISH Pantries?

FISH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, interfaith organization. We are operated primarily by volunteers. To help with a financial donation or to volunteer, please click here

What does FISH Pantries do with my information?

FISH does not share your information with any other entity. Please click here for our privacy policy

Where is FISH located?

Our four FISH pantries are in Northwest, East, and South Knoxville, and on the University of Tennessee campus. Our office is located in the Church of the Ascension. Click here for contact information.

How do I contact FISH?

We welcome your interest and questions. Click here for contact information.

How many people does FISH feed?

Fish feeds about 7,000 families a month, or about 21,000 people. Help us do this important work by donating your time or money

What other community activities does FISH engage in?

In support of our mission to create true community, FISH has developed programs that meet the specific needs of our guests and volunteers.

For more information, click here.

Who is FISH's media contact?

Please visit our Press Room for media resources, including our media contact. 

For answers to other questions, please contact us.

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