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Help End Hunger.

FISH Hospitality Pantries provides groceries to over 7,000 families in the Knoxville area each month. And for the nearly  600 children who visit one of our three Knoxville food pantries each month, we distribute Kids BOOST food bags, especially created to address the nutritional needs of children.

You can help end hunger in our community. Your support will go directly toward providing much-needed food to families who are hungry and financially struggling.

FISH Hospitality Pantries seeks to create community so that people marginalized by our society are able to experience non-judgmental welcome, compassion and safety. Standing together in solidarity, we become like family. Without realizing it, the margins disappear and become power to move the world. People are transformed when they experience examples and models of life

as it should be.


Each $5 donation feeds a family of 4 for 3 days.

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